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Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations Office
The Domestic Relations Office (DRO) in Lubbock County was established in early 2006.  As a statutorily-created DRO, we provide the following services:

Family/Divorce Mediation
Conservatorship, rights and duties during possession, visitation, child support, spousal maintenance, property/asset division, and debt/liability distribution are issues that can be mediated by a neutral third party.  Mediators are trained in the areas of family dynamics, child development and family law.

Parenting Coordinator Referrals
A parenting coordinator is an impartial trained professional appointed by the Domestic Relations Office to help parents implement a workable co-parenting plan.  The parenting coordinator assists the parents with issues such as conservatorship, rights and duties during possession, visitation and child support.

Community Supervision Program 
Under a contract with the Attorney General's Office, our office supervises non-custodial parents who have been found in contempt of a child support order.  As with other probationer programs, this one is court imposed and the penalty for non-compliance could possibly result in jail time.  The Community Supervision Officer will verify employment and place of residence and will be making periodic reports to the Court and Attorney General's Office. The reports will reflect exactly what is being done by the probationer. Good information as well as bad will be reported. The program is designed to identify and reconcile the issues that prevent parents from making timely payments for the support of their children. You will be asked to report to the office at least one time per week during the first 30 days, if you are unemployed. You will be required to report less frequently if you have a job and the demands of your job require you to be present at all times. The more current your payments are, the less personal contact you will be required to have with the Community Supervision Officer or other persons at the Office of Dispute Resolution.

Once an individual is placed in our program, the Community Supervision Officer will assess the various reasons the parent has not made timely payments.  The officer refers and supervises attendance at recommended classes (such as life skills, job training or parenting), monitors the status of child support payments and takes steps to increase collection of child support. Even if you are reporting to the Community Supervision Officer, your child support payments should still be sent to the Attorney General's office in the form of a cashier's check or money order. Cash or checks will not be accepted. Pre-addressed envelopes are available at the Office of Dispute Resolution and at the Attorney General's Office on 50th Street. You should provide copies of payments to the Office of Dispute Resolution if required by the Community Supervision Officer. If you are on Adult Probation as well, you will need to report to both officers at times and dates given by each officer. 

Although this program is based in Lubbock County, these services are available on a contract basis to other courts or counties who request them.

Social Studies
This in-depth analysis provides courts and other interested parties information regarding the child's home environment or caretaker.
The social study is conducted or supervised by a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) or Ph.D. The study includes an interview and home visit of the participants. It is conducted in accordance with applicable state law and may include a background check.
Supervised Visitation / Neutral Exchange
Trained personnel and law enforcement will supervise the visitation and/or exchange of the children.  Visitation and exchange services will take place on the grounds of the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center.

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