Lubbock County, Texas

State Of Texas - County Of Lubbock

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CDA Staff

Administrative Assistant
Marilyn Lutter

Appellate Division
Jeffrey Ford - Chief
Lauren Murphree

Grand Jury / Intake Division
Eddie Wharff - Chief
Trey Hill

Victim Assistance
Laney Dickey - Victim Assistance Coordinator
Lois Carmichael - Victim Advocate
Leticia Rodriguez - Victim Advocate

Juvenile Division
Kim Hayes - Chief 
Jeri Leigh Thornesberry

Special Prosecutors
Barron Slack - Chief Prosecutor - Persons Crimes
Mandi Say - Chief Prosecutor - Property Crimes/Narcotics
Tom Brummett - Intoxication Crimes
Felony Prosecutors

137th District Court
Laura Beth Fossett - Chief
Cara Landers
Chris Schulte
Justin Works

140th District Court
Traci Bowman - Chief 
Jessica Schneider
Ginny Simpson

364th District Court
Aaron Moncibaiz- Chief
Courtney Grafft
Ashley Davis

Misdemeanor Prosecutors

County Court at Law #1
Cassie Nesbitt - Chief/Lead Misdemeanor Prosecutor
Brooke Dacus
Anna Watkins

County Court at Law #2
Craig Oglesby - Chief
Greg Jerman
Whitney Garnett
Domestic Violence Prosecutor 
Jennifer Slack

Civil Division
Neal Burt - Chief
Donna Clarke 
Morgan Vaughan
Deirdre Ward
Theresa Ratliff
Kacee Harvey
Marlise Boyles
Andrew Wipke

Hot Check Office
Suzanne Patton - Manager
Stan Woodward - Investigator

Gary Hobbs - Assistant Chief
Brent Rose
Kim Elliott
Gary West
Wade Lee
Mike Mitchell
Will Calfin
Connie Gonzalez
Nick Simpson
Manny Reyna
Billy Fulton
Garland Timms
Rey Martinez

South Plains Auto Theft 
Doug Clements - Administrator
Andy Gentry
Brian McNeill
Michael Benson

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