Lubbock County, Texas

State Of Texas - County Of Lubbock

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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Beckham, Audrey Court Coordinator District Courts   806-775-1035
Bills, Janette Court Reporter District Courts   806-775-1025
Darnell, Honorable Jim Bob 140th District Court Judge District Courts   806-775-1032
Devitt, Rhonda Court Coordinator District Courts   806-775-1032
Duval, Rebecca Court Reporter District Courts   806-775-1040
Eichman II, Honorable William R 364th District Court Judge District Courts   806-775-1026
Hanshew, Charles Court Reporter District Courts   806-775-1031
Hatch, Honorable Les 237th District Court Judge District Courts   806-775-1027
Hays, Breann Court Reporter District Courts   806-775-1034
Loya, Brandi Court Coordinator District Courts   806-775-1027
McClendon III, Honorable John "Trey" J 137th District Court Judge District Courts   806-775-1035
Myatt, Susan Court Reporter District Courts   806-775-1037
Ramsey, Terri Court Reporter District Courts   806-775-1028
Reyes, Honorable Ruben G 72nd District Court Judge District Courts   806-775-1041
Younglas, Angela Court Coordinator District Courts   806-775-1026
Halford, Judy Court Coordinator District Courts   806-775-1041
Sowder, Honorable William C 99th District Court Judge District Courts   806-775-1038
Brown, Tammy Court Coordinator District Courts   806-775-1038
Staff 1-18 of 18
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