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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) generally refers to the use of third parties to facilitate, evaluate, or decide a dispute in a cost effective manner. Different ADR procedures include mediation, mini-trials, moderated settlement conferences, summary jury trials, and binding and non-binding arbitration.

The most common type of ADR process is mediation. In mediation, people in dispute meet with a trained and neutral mediator who assists the parties in reaching their own solution to a problem. During these mediation services, goals are created in order to increase awareness and understanding of the issues.
The following lists the different types of ADR services available through the Texas Dispute Resolution SystemTM.

Citizen Referral
Citizens can voluntarily request mediation for almost any type of dispute. The following are just a few examples:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Neighbor
  • Contractor
  • School
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer
  • Community
  • Financial
  • Estate
  • Business
  • Peer

Civil ADR
Courts such as the following automatically or selectively refer cases to ADR:

  • Federal Courts
  • State Courts
  • District Courts
  • County Courts at Law
  • County Courts
  • Justice of the Peace Courts

Criminal ADR
Courts, District Attorneys, Sheriff's Offices, and Police Departments refer misdemeanors and felonies.

Educational Institutions
Universities and various School Districts have created partnerships that enable student, personnel and/or community matters to be mediated by neutral parties.

Healthcare Mediation Program
Patients, physicians, insurance companies, hospitals, or other involved parties can request mediation when the dispute involves a healthcare issue or related services.

Through contracts and agreements with governmental agencies, various types of disputes are facilitated, mediated, arbitrated, or evaluated.

Law Enforcement Officers
Officers refer individuals by giving the disputants a "ticket," referring them directly to Dispute Resolution.

Rural Mediation
Texas Rural Mediation ServicesTM (TRMS) is the only provider of the USDA Mediation Program in Texas. For more information, choose the Rural Mediation Link on the main menu.

Our services are available to any organization or county that requests them. Please contact the Director at 1-866-329-3522 for more information.

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