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Rural Mediation

Texas Rural Mediation Services (TRMS) was established to address disputes among and between consumers, peers, businesses, agriculture producers, ranchers, creditors and various USDA agencies.  In 2000, Governor George Bush appointed, and in 2004 Governor Perry reaffirmed, the Texas Dispute Resolution System to administer the USDA Mediation Program for Texas.    

Anyone can request mediation through the program, regardless of the county in which they live.  Texas Rural Mediation Services is headquartered in Lubbock County, and from this office these services are administered for the State of Texas.  Our mediators are located all over the state, and participant's travel to a mediation site is limited. 
These are just some of the issues that can be mediated through TRMS:

  • Credit issues, including car, home, and land loans and accelerations
  • Employee employer issues
  • Family issues, including mediation for divorce, custody issues and planning for elderly parents
  • Healthcare issues, including access to care and billing issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Landlord/ tenant issues
  • Neighbor issues, including barking dogs and boundary disputes
  • Rural loan, grant and disaster assistance programs
  • School and adolescent issues
  • Service and contract issues

Through this program, any of our alternative dispute resolution services, not just mediation services, may be available.  To schedule a mediation, please fill out an Intake Form. We will review your request and schedule the mediation, the date, and the location. All parties will be notified by mail of the mediation.

The mediation cost ($50 per hour) is split equally among the parties. You are asked to prepay for two hours of mediation before the mediation date. Any unused balance will be refunded.

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