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Frequently Asked Questions

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

What if I don't live in Lubbock County?
            Even if you do not live in Lubbock County, you may still be eligible for services.  Call the office so that we may determine which service best fits your needs.

            If you are ordered to mediation and do not live in the area, you may be able to attend the mediation by phone or Skype.

What happens if I don't show up?
            It depends if the mediation is court-ordered or voluntary.  All of the parties involved, including the referral source, receive a report after the mediation occurs about what happened.  If you do not show, it is up to their office to determine what the next step will be, as well as what fees will be assessed.

What happens if the other party does not show up?
            If the other party does not show up, the mediation cannot take place.  However, we will give you a document stating that you did attempt mediation.  If you requested the mediation, it is then your decision as to what your next step will be.

What materials can or should I bring to mediation?
            Bring any materials or documents that will help explain your position and allow a resolution to be reached.

Do I have to go to family orientation?
            Family orientation is voluntary; however, it is highly recommended that you attend to ask questions that you may have before your mediation session.  This may expedite your session and lessen the stress of an already stressful situation.

What if the other party is in jail?
            If one of the parties is incarcerated, we will call the court coordinator from the referring court to verify if a bench warrant will be issued for mediation.  If so, the bailiff will escort the party to mediation.  If a bench warrant will not be issued, we will report that the party cannot be contacted and the mediation will be canceled.

Outreach (To top of page)

How can I update my mailing address information?
            Send an E-mail to with your updated information.
How can I set up an interview with a staff member or mediator?
            Call our office at 1-866-329-3522 and ask for the Director.

How can I join the Dispute Resolution Advisory Board?
            The Advisory Board and various other advisory committee members are selected on annually or by participatory counties.  If you are interested in serving, please contact the Director at 1-866-329-3522.  Attendance at monthly meetings is required.


USDA Mediation (To top of page)

I received an adverse decision letter from the USDA.  What do I do now?
            One of the options is to request mediation about that decision.  Read the letter the USDA sent you, and it will tell you what options you have.  When you request mediation, the letter usually requires you to send written notification indicating that you are requesting mediation to our office.  There is a specific time frame for you to reply, so faxing or emailing the request can get the process started immediately.  We will set a mediation date and location and then inform all parties by mail of that date and location.
What happens if I decide I do not want mediation for a USDA adverse decision after I have requested mediation?
            The USDA usually allows 30 days for any type of appeal.  If you request mediation, the 30-day clock is stopped and starts again after the mediation.  You may pursue other forms of dispute resolution indicated on your letter.  However, if you schedule a mediation and then cancel, the 30 days will not stop.  It will be like you never requested mediation at all.  Please contact the USDA representative for more information about your options..


Training (To top of page)

Are there any continuing education requirements for being a mediator?
            There are no statutory Continuing Education requirements.  The Office of Dispute Resolution requires continuing education hours for any mediator that mediates any of our cases.  Other organizations may or may not require continuing education.

Can I arrange for customized training workshops for my employees?
            Yes.  Training workshops can be developed for a variety of purposes and industries.  Please call the Director at 1-866-329-3522 for more information about a customized learning experience.


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