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Function and Duties of the Justice of the Peace

     The Justice of the Peace is the legal jurisdiction closest to the average citizen. It is often referred to as "The People's Court". There are four of these judges in Lubbock County, each elected to a four year term. Their precincts follow the same lines as the county commissioners.
     The judges adjudicate class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only, including traffic tickets, penal code offenses, and hot checks. They also deal extensively with juvenile matters including truancy, alcohol and tobacco violations, and shoplifting.
     J.P.s also enforce certain county and state ordinances; including environmental violations, illegal dumping, illegal towing, and burn bans.
     The Justice of the Peace also has jurisdiction in all civil cases in which the amount of controversy is $10,000 or less. These may include tort cases and suits on account, landlord and tenant matters, evictions, matters concerning foreclosure of mortgages and enforcement of liens on personal property, and driver's license hearings.
     A Justice of the Peace may also issue warrants for search and arrest, conduct preliminary hearings, administers oaths, handle emergency protective orders, and perform marriages.

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