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There are four types of civil lawsuits in JP Court: Evictions, Small Claims Case, Debt Claims Case, and Repair & Remedy Case. Eviction and Debt Claims Cases cases are conducted according to the rules of civil procedure and evidence. Small Claims cases are not bound by the rules of civil procedure or evidence and the judge may ask questions. The Jurisdictional limit for Justice Court is $10, 000. All Eviction cases are heard in the Justice of the Peace Court with out limits to value of the property.

A copy of every pleading filed with the court must also be provided to the opposing party. Any request for continuance must be in proper written form and timely filed, Rule 541 T.R.C.P.

Any Default Judgment granted (defendant did not appear) requires the plaintiff to present a military status report for each defendant from the Department of Defense website.

Debt Claim filings must have all of the following documentation:

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