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Employee Questions

How to amend payroll deductions:
Employees who wish to modify their payroll deductions must submit the proposed changes to the payroll department by the payroll deadline.  New W-4 forms for withholding are available in the Human Resources Department and the Auditor's Office.
Does Lubbock County have direct deposit?
Yes!  Complete an Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form and attach a copy of a voided check and send to the payroll department. The Direct Deposit must be received by the Tuesday after pay day, in order for it to be effective for the upcoming pay day. This also applies when changing the existing Direct Deposit.
When do employees get paid?
Payroll is prepared bi-weekly.  Time sheets must be submitted by the employee prior to payment.  The Payroll Schedule outlines all the payroll deadlines along with pay date.
Where do I get a copy of my Check Stub?
You can obtain a copy of your check stub from the Lubbock County Payroll Department.
Employee Parking
Lubbock County employees interested in county parking may contact the Lubbock County Maintenance Department at 806-775-1009.
How much personal leave will I receive?
Regular full-time employees earn 6 hours each bi-weekly period.  Regular full-time employees with eight or more years earn 8 hours each bi-weekly period.  171 hour employees earn 9.75 hours each bi-weekly period, which includes holiday time.  171 hour employees with eight or more years, earn 11.75 hours each bi-weekly period, which includes holiday time.  Regular part-time employees earn 2 hours each bi-weekly period.
How much leave can I carry over at the fiscal year end?
Maximum personal leave carry over at fiscal year end is 216 hours for over 8 years of service and 144 hours for under 8 years of service.  Comp time in excess of 1 hour must be paid out at fiscal year end.  Every employee is encouraged to schedule time off throughout the year.
Does Lubbock County have automatic draft for retiree insurance?
The County does not collect retiree insurance premiums (retiree coverage has been moved to the Insurance Market Place)
How do I do a Line Item Transfer?
The line item transfers go to Commissioner's Court for approval on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.  If you want a line item transfer to go to the next court, in must be in the Auditor's Office by the Tuesday proceeding Commissioner's Court.  The Line Item Transfer Form is also available on the "N" drive of your computer, labeled "Budget Amendment Request" if you are unable to get to the form with the provided link.  Please fill out the form completely including the reason why you need the transfer of funds.
Accounts Payable:
Invoices should be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department daily, however, all invoices must be received before noon, on Friday one (1) week prior to Commissioner's Court on Monday. AP Schedule (PDF)
All Accounts Payable checks are distributed by the Lubbock County Treasurer's Office.  For further information, please contact the Lubbock County Treasurer at 806-775-1018.
Departmental budgets:
Department budgets are submitted to Commissioner's Court for approval during the annual budget preparation period.  Copies of the County budget are available in the Auditor's Office, and can also be found online by clicking the following link. Lubbock County Budget

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