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Assumed Names

Each business in the county must file an assumed name certificate (also known as "d.b.a." or "doing business as") with the clerk so a record is available as to the owner's businesses. Assumed names are indexed by business name and cross indexed by owner's name.
Assumed name certificates are good for 10 years from the date of filing the certificate, or a shorter period of time if stated within the certificate.
Incorporated businesses should also be filed with the state.
Filer is responsible for verifying availability of requested assumed name.
Filing an Assumed Name is filing a public notice, it is not a copyright, trademark or incorporated right of ownership. Duplicating a business name is discouraged, but the Clerk's office cannot prevent it.
The County Clerk's office does not provide blank forms nor provide directions on how to complete them. We recommend you seek legal council or the entity requiring you file an Assumed Name.
FILING FEE: Payment accepted by cash, cashier's check, money order, and business check. Personal checks require clear copy of driver's license and phone number and from the owner listed on the document. Credit cards accepted in person only.
$24.00 to file Business Name and 1 owner or officer.
$.50 for each additional owner.
$2.00 per copy requested.
$5.00 certification fee.

Requesting Copies of an Assumed Name Certificate by Mail

To submit a request for copies of an Assumed Name certificate. Search the above index for the reference number for the record you need.  Contact our office at 806-775-1054 with your reference number to verify the cost for the copy.   We do not conduct searches for the existence of a filing.

Send your request by mail to our office with the business name & reference number. Copies are $1.00 per page, additional $5.00 for certification if requested. Payment by cashier's check or money order payable to Lubbock County Clerk. No personal checks.  Please a SASE with your request.

All requests will be returned regular USPS, unless you choose to send a prepaid shipping envelope from an expedited service company. Be sure to check their pick up requirements or pick up fee charges as Lubbock County will not pay those fees.

Assumed Name certificate files are public record, if you have a local contact, they are welcome to come into our office and get the copies for you. Our regular business hours are M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we are located at 904 Broadway, Room 207 in Lubbock.


Requesting Copies of an Assumed Name Certificate Online and Payment by Credit Card

Search the above index for the reference number for the record you need. To submit a request for copies for an Assumed Name certificate and pay via credit card, contact our office at 806-775-1054 with your reference number to verify copy cost for the document you need.  We do not conduct searches by name for the existence of a filing.

Submit your request and payment by credit card using the following link.

Click Here to Request Copies Online

Copies are $1.00 per page plus an additional $5.00 for certification, if requested.

Payments by credit card will incur an additional fee from the vendor of $2.50 or 2.95% whichever is greater. All requests will be returned regular USPS.

Requests received after 10:00 a.m. will be mailed the next business day.

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