Lubbock County, Texas

State Of Texas - County Of Lubbock

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Clint Wehrman
916 Main Street, Suite 503
Lubbock, TX 79401

Function of the Office:

In accordance with Texas State Law and County Policies and subject to the
supervision of the County Commissioner's Court, the Purchasing Department shall:

  • Procure or supervise the procurement of all supplies, services, and construction needed by the county;
  • Exercise direct supervision over the county's central stores and general
    supervision over all other inventories of supplies belonging to the county;
  • Sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of surplus supplies belonging to the county; and
  • Establish and maintain programs of specifications development, contract
    administration and inspection and acceptance, in cooperation with the agencies
    using the supplies, services and construction.
Mission Statement:

The Purchasing Director shall administer an effective program for the county by:

  • Carrying out the policy directives of the Commissioner's Court.
  • Providing timely, effective and efficient service to using departments and to vendors doing business with the county.
  • Maintaining open communications with departmental representatives and the public.
  • Controlling and reducing the cost of purchasing supplies, materials, equipment services.
  • Encouraging free and open competition in bidding.

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916 Main St, Suite 503, Lubbock, TX 79401

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