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On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 into law. The $1.9 trillion package, based on President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, is intended to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, including the public health and economic impacts. ARPA allocates hundreds of billions of dollars for public health and vaccines, assistance for vulnerable populations, education and housing stabilization, economic recovery assistance and direct assistance for families and individuals.  These ARPA funds are in addition to and intended to expand the support provided over the last year, to include the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund and the Emergency Rental Assistance. 

As part of the $362 billion in federal fiscal recovery aid for state and local governments, Lubbock County received $60.1 million in federal funds through the Coronavirus State Federal Funding the CFSLS as referred to as ARPA funding.  These funds are intended to provide support to our local government in responding to the impact of COVID-19 and to assist our local leaders’ efforts to contain COVID-19 in our communities, residents, and businesses. The Lubbock County Commissioners’ Court have identified the following expense categories, as defined by the department of Treasury, as priority spending of the ARPA funds:  Public Health,  Negative Economic Impacts, Services to Disproportionately Impacted Communities,  Premium Pay, Infrastructure, Revenue Replacement, and Administrative Cost.


To encourage Lubbock County citizens’ participation in the process, Lubbock County is seeking input from the community on the use of American Rescue Plan Act funding through the practice of public comments.

Public comments may be made:






NOTE: This Public Participation Form must be presented to the County Clerk prior to the beginning of Commissioners’ Court. Speakers may only address items listed on the current agenda. Speakers are limited to two (2) minutes maximum, and if there are more than three speakers who wish to address the same item, the Court reserves the right to limit speakers. THE COURT CANNOT DELIBERATE OR ACT ON MATTERS NOT LISTED ON THE AGENDA.

**If you wish to speak longer or to a specific member of the Court outside of Commissioners’ Court session, please set up an individual appointment by phoning 806-775-1335.




Lubbock County has provided the following applications for those business or governmental entities that would like to apply for aid in expenses due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  See the Lubbock County Commissioners’ Court Tentative List for ARPA Funding with estimated dollar amounts per category expense, here. ** NOTE: Lubbock County departments requesting ARPA funding should use internal applications located on the County Intranet.

 Please click on the links below for applications by category expense. See the Lubbock County Accounts Payable cut off and payment schedules, here.

Public Health Expenditures


  • Personal Protective Equipment, Request for Purchase of PPE - Lubbock County will focus assistance to support the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus with personal protective equipment (PPE) for Volunteer Fire Departments.



Negative Economic Impacts


  • Aid to Impacted Industries Lubbock County will focus assistance to aid industries impacted by the public health emergency, such as tourism, travel, hospitality and other impacted industries. NOTE: Lubbock County is seeking bids for a 3rd Party Administrator for this category. Additional information or applications may be required.


  • Small Business Economic Assistance Lubbock County will focus assistance to businesses with no more than 100 employees located in Lubbock County. These businesses must have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and must prove inability to obtain financial assistance or funding from alternative sources to meet business needs. NOTE: Lubbock County is seeking bids for a 3rd Party Administrator for this category.  Additional information or applications may be required.



Services to Disproportionately Impacted Communities


  • Aid to Nonprofit Organizations Lubbock County will focus assistance to local nonprofit organizations impacted by the public health emergency which may include expanding the scope of services provided or to replace revenue lost due to COVID-19   NOTE: Lubbock County is seeking bids for a 3rd Party Administrator for this expense category.  Additional information or applications may be required.


  • Parks Lubbock County will focus its investments by improving outdoor spaces and by building stronger neighborhoods and communities. Aid should address pre-existing health disparities while promoting healthier living environments through outdoor recreation and socialization to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. (E.g. parks, public plazas, and other public outdoor recreation spaces)




  • Broadband or Water Lubbock County will focus on investments in Lubbock County infrastructure that will provide funds for government services including but not limited to modernization of broadband, cybersecurity or  water infrastructure which are critical to protecting the health and wellbeing of the community. Sign up for broadband presentations to the Lubbock County Commissioners' Monday, January 27, 2022.


Revenue Replacement


  • Revenue Loss – Lubbock County will focus aid to the Lubbock County general fund for revenue measured, relative to the revenue collected, in the most recent full fiscal year prior to the emergency. (Lubbock County revenue loss)


  • Revenue Loss – Lubbock County will focus aid to offset the substantial cost increases with the budgetary shortfalls of revenue loss by providing funds for government services navigating the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. (IFR14) (Judicial Expenses)



  • Analysis of Cost – Lubbock County will distribute funds to offset the substantial cost required to administer Fiscal Recovery Funds, oversee sub recipients and beneficiaries, and file periodic reports with Treasury. (IFR32) (Grant Administrator, Grant Financial Reporter or Third Party Administration)

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