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Phenomenal success

Phenomenal success

The Texas Dispute Resolution System operates the most progressive and unique dispute resolution system in Texas and, in some respects, the nation. It has been referred to as the one Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system that is a phenomenal success.

What is "phenomenal success?" How is it measured?

  • By longevity: The South Plains Alternative Dispute Resolution System has been operating for over 20 years.
  • By geography: The Texas Dispute Resolution System is the ONLY statewide public Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider. It is the ONLY system with statewide jurisdiction, covering all 254 counties in Texas.
  • By breadth: The Texas Dispute Resolution System is the ONLY state certified mediation program for USDA disputes that is administered by a county government.
  • By range of service: The Texas Dispute Resolution System is the ONLY system that is both a county ADR system and a Domestic Relations Office. The variety of situations addressed by our organization are as unique as we are.
  • By strong commitment to neutrals as a profession: The Texas Dispute Resolution System pays stipends and hourly fees for its neutrals' services where other systems operate with volunteers. The System is committed to and operates in compliance with the Texas Supreme Court's adopted Code of Ethics and provides continuing education programs for our mediators.
  • By training initiatives: The Texas Dispute Resolution System provides statewide ADR training to promote a deeper understanding and implementation of mediation and arbitration.
  • By judicial accountability: The Texas Dispute Resolution System is accountable to and reports directly to judges.
  • By experience: The Texas Dispute Resolution System has the most tenured director of any ADR system in Texas.
  • By respect: Some Dispute Resolution staff act as adjunct law school professors for training and courses in general ADR subjects, as well as cutting-edge issues and topics that are significant to the development of the dispute resolution field.
  • By depth: Lubbock has the highest per capita use of any ADR system in the state of Texas.
  • By alumni: The Texas Dispute Resolution System is proud to have provided mediation training and graduated an impressive roster of neutrals. From the Halls of Congress to Tribal Council Chambers in Arizona, the Texas Dispute Resolution System has contributed to the development of today's and tomorrow's leaders. From PTA parents to Emergency Room personnel, our graduates are proud to serve their professions and their communities.

"Phenomenal success" isn't a destination, it is a continuing journey. We invite you to join us in the exciting opportunities and events taking place at and through the Texas Dispute Resolution System. To learn more about these progressive, innovative, and ground-breaking programs and services, please explore the various categories and subjects listed in the menu.

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